A Chicago native in the music field for over 40 years.

Guitarist, keyboards, recording artist and producer.


I have played in the Chicago music scene for over 40 years. I formed Hyflyer in the late 1970's with drummer Steve Collett and guitarist Al Suarez and soon found a great frontman Tom Stahnke, We played everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Jethro Tull, UFO to an array of originals. We developed a really nice following. After 4 years of continuous gigs we broke up due to infighting and substance abuse.

1982 I joined the widely popular band Euphoria which had a large following and recorded our first EP "The Answer" at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Our lavishly rich manager Nicole Seegert financed our recording, chauffeured us in limos and once chartered a Learjet and flew Euphoria to Memphis to party with her friends in Van Halen.  The excursion was cut short when Nicole received a call that her apartment had been burglarized and quickly had to fly back to Chicago.

I then moved on to fill the lead guitarist position for a short time in Mad Hatter. I formed a couple heavy metal bands in the mid 80's, Assassin and Prime Evil. I then took a break from music in the 1990's and came back in 2004 to record a self titled album with Suicide Shift. Currently I am recording an album with long time friend Danny Lynch on vocals from the band Lynch and Matt Starr on drums from Mr Big.

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